Instructions after extractions

Today one or more teeth are pulled out. It is in your best interest that you follow the instructions and advices carefully.

Do not rinse: Do not rinse your mouth during the first six hours after the extraction(s). Do not drink hot drinks or alcoholic drinks. Do not eat at the side of the wound the first day after the extractions. From the second day you can brush your teeth, but you have to be careful in the vicinity of the wound

Smoking: We recommend you not to smoke. Smoking has a very negative affect on the healing of the wound and can cause complicated healing.

Do not touch the wound: Do not feel with your fingers or tongue at the wound. You can damage the blood cloth which is very important for the healing of the wound. It is important that the blood cloth stays intact. Never suck the extraction wound!

Bleeding: Bleeding after an extraction is normal. The presence of spit occasionally gives the wrong impression of a severe bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop, you take a folded sterile gauze or a clean handkerchief and apply this on the wound. Bite or press with your finger firmly for 30 minutes. Try not to bend, sport or jump, because that can also cause bleeding.

Pain: You can feel pain after an extraction. You can try to fight the pain with the medicine on the recipe. Use the medicine according the prescription. You can take the medication before the anaesthesia works out .

Swelling: It is normal for your cheek to swell. On the first day you can cool with ice or a cold-pack. You have to contact us if the swelling remains after a few days.

Stitches: If necessary for the healing of the wound the dentist stitches the wound. You will get an appointment to remove the stitches.

Pieces of bone: After the extractions you sometimes feel little pieces under the gums. You are likely to think of pieces of dental roots. Usually these are small pieces of loose bone which will be disposed by the body. In most cases we do not have to do anything about this. We will always inform you in case a piece of the root remained in place. .

Do you have severe pain or questions, please contact us on working days between 8.30-17.00 hours on telephone number 0162-456268.